Keynote Speaking

  • How to naturally increase your energy by mastery of sleep, diet, exercise, getting out in nature
  • The importance and value of reconnecting to yourself and a broader connection to your community
  • Importance of breaking down huge goals – tiny steps, and crucial importance of habits to be consistent
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Teaching doctors how to regain their health
  • Teaching women over 50 that it’s not too late to reclaim their life, their health, and discover the champion within

As an accomplished, driven, passionate, engaging, and energetic pioneer woman, she encourages audiences to get honest with their food, activity, and sleep choices, mindset, relationships, and spirituality to challenge their preconceived notions of what they are capable of, and unleash and discover the champion that has always been inside of them.

As an award-winning author, doctor, entrepreneur, Ironman triathlete, and mentor, Dr. Cindy Starke has inspired a hundred thousand peers, readers, and patients across America to be the best versions of themselves.

Dr. Starke was the first person in her family to attend college, but she didn’t stop with her bachelor’s degree. She challenged herself and was awarded the prestigious Woodruff Scholarship at Emory University, and received both an MD and a PhD in Molecular Genetics. As a board certified internal medicine physician for over 20 years, she has cared for patients in every setting possible, from urgent care and traditional outpatient clinics to the hospital.

She has appeared on radio shows and podcasts and has been profiled in Moxie magazine and Gainesville Times Newspaper in the Northeast Georgia region. Her genetic research has been published in peer reviewed national scientific journals including Journal of Bacteriology and Journal of Infectious Diseases. Her signature style of delivery – passionate, energetic, and brutally honest – has set her apart as a speaker, teacher, and trainer.

She is the award-winning author of “From Fear and Failure to the Finish Line- Unleash Your Potential and Discover the Champion Within” in which she chronicles her circuitous journey to the finish line of an Ironman Triathlon – 140.6 miles of ocean swimming, biking, and running.

Through her group and individual mentoring programs, she is dedicated to helping women entering the second half of their lives identify what is preventing them from having ideal health and longevity, to embrace their power, challenge their self limiting beliefs, and use the power within to completely change the trajectory of their lives going forward.